" The bread you keep belongs to the hungry, the cloak you store in your closet belongs to the naked man; the shoes rotting in your house belong to those who are barefooted; the money you keep hidden belongs to the needy. Thus you are committing as many injustices as there are people to whom you can give. "
" I have no memory for things I have learned, nor things I have read, nor things experienced or heard, neither for people nor events; I feel that I have experienced nothing, learned nothing, that I actually know less than the average schoolboy, and that what I do know is superficial, and that every second question is beyond me. I am incapable of thinking deliberately; my thoughts run into a wall. I can grasp the essence of things in isolation, but I am quite incapable of coherent, unbroken thinking. I can’t even tell a story properly; in fact, I can scarcely talk… "